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how tripview works

tripview™ combines a number of technologies - such as text messaging, Google maps, photograhy and video streaming - into into an integrated web based system. This is often referred to as a 'mashup' in current techo-speak, which really just means 'lots of useful stuff under one roof'

Your school, club or group can be up and running with tripview in a few simple steps:

1: Register

Registering to use tripview™ is a simple matter of completing an online form, after which your school, club or group will be issued with a tripview™ account.

2: Create trips

Trips are added and configured via a simple to use admin system. In addition to entering the details and setting up the trip's Google map, documents such as application forms, itineraries, kit lists, etc. can be uploaded in PDF format.

Finally, your trip or event is 'published' with a single click to make it visible on the web. This can be done in advance of the departure/start date so that details and downloadable documents are available in advance.

Trips & events can be protected with a password if required.

3: Make updates

Each trip is assigned a unique code that is used when making updates or sending messages.

Updates can be made either through the web-based admin system, or by sending a text message to the dedicated tripview™ number.

The names and mobile numbers of the people that will be authorised to send text updates are registered, and then incoming messages are validated by tripview™ and used to update the system. Standard messages are stored in the tripview database for display on the site, whilst messages containing a map code are also used to update the map data and markers.

The system also allows photos and video clips to be added from a local internet connection (internet cafe, hotel, etc.). A facility to send photos direct from a mobile phone is planned for release soon.

Parents, friends and relatives can opt to have incoming messages forwarded to their own mobile phones. They can turn this service on and off by sending a simple text message to tripview™

4: Raise funds

Using tripview's sponsorship module you can start raising funds for your school, club or charity from day one.

  • "Incredible website, especially the rate at which it grew in the build up and during the trip. Without this website, we wouldn't have raised half as much money for the charities. It's a brilliant service which allowed friends/family and even random visitors to follow our progress and leave messages of support."
    trip member - charity trip

  • "Loved it! Every day we went online and enjoyed reading the comments and viewing the photos. The only downside was we wish we had been there!!"
    parent - school ski trip

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