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The following are a selection of quotes and testimonials submitted by trip members, organisers, friends and relatives.

"Incredible website, especially the rate at which it grew in the build up and during the trip. Without this website, we wouldn't have raised half as much money for the charities. It's a brilliant service which allowed friends/family and even random visitors to follow our progress and leave messages of support."
CP - trip member - charity trip

"It was great fun and reassuring to be able to keep track of the trip on the internet."
HS - parent - school ski trip

"Very impressed, really helped as my son is away and helped to stop me worrying."
EK - parent - BT Childline charity trek in Indian Himalaya

"Without Tripview, it would have been nearly impossible for us to raise half as much money as we have done. Nick has worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks creating the website as we have been using it and has done an incredible job. Its allowed us to keep you all up-to-date with the trip really easily. So from the five of us, Thank you very much Tripview - brilliant job!"
Trip organisers - charity trip

"Fantastic system! Loved being able to see pictures almost as they were taken! and nice to know where they are on the journey out and back."
SH - parent - school ski trip

"Loved it! Every day we went online and enjoyed reading the comments and viewing the photos. The only downside was we wish we had been there!!"
SS - parent - school ski trip

"Put simply this website did most of the fund raising for us. It was a clear concise detailed account of our trip which allowed feedback to the sponsors and all parties interested as the trip was undertaken. This allowed us to get most of our total while actually on the bike as people could see we we were making progress. Thanks Tripview."
JR - trip member - charity trip

"I found this site very good, it made me feel i was in contact with the group involved. Easy to understand and was quite enjoyable to see where they were on the map well done to all involved."
DD - parent - BT Childline charity trek in Indian Himalaya

"Absolutely fantastic service to be able to 'watch' the guys progress and leave messages was brilliant. Thank you so much!"
JC - friend of trip members - charity trip

"Tripview was a fantastic website, showing loads of different information about the charity cycle ride, and enabled us to send messages of support to the riders, and keep up to date with their progress, view their photos and to donate on- line. Brilliant idea - - brilliant website - allowing people all over the world to keep in touch with the charity cycle ride. A very easy to use website. well done!"
BS - relative of trip member - charity trip

"Excellent: a great way to get involved in our children's trips without embarrassing them!"
SD - parent - school ski trip

"Great site, updated well and easy to navigate. Well done everybody involved."
MP - grandparent - school ski trip

"It proved an invaluable service that allowed us to track the progress of the trip (and the welfare of the individuals) whilst helping to provide a public focus to the charity fund raising. Apart from gps tracking the actual location of the individuals (beyond me technically!) I think it is an exceptionally well developed tool for any trip. I will forward the details on to the Dorset Expeditionary Society as they run the Duke of Ed schemes all over the world."
KS - friend of trip members - charity trip

"Very useful. Gives parents piece of mind to know what is going on."
DR - parent - school ski trip

"It was great to have this info/contact with the trip. Great system!"
MP - parent - school ski trip

  • Charity targets smashed!!!

    Photo of celebrations at John O Groats

    tripview™ has helped smash initial targets of £3,000 for a charity bike ride from Land's End to John O'Groats.

    Donations and sponsorship via the tripview pages sent the totals soaring to £8,500 - nearly 3 times the original targets!! Trip organiser Chris Primett said:

    "Without Tripview, we think it would have been nearly impossible for us to raise half as much money as we have done."

    View trip pages »

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