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  • 30/07/09 22:18 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • Hi Guys - glad you're all home safe & sound & enjoying a good rest, and hope you're not too bored now!. Hope the folks at your work Billy have let you do very little since you went back this week! Looking forward to seing your photos. It's been great keeping up to date with your trip - Well done wth the huge amounts of money you've raised - your charities should be very very grateful for all your efforts in Tom's memory. Bridget Tim Rach & Matt. XXXXX
  • 30/07/09 19:10 via web by Oliver Sell
  • Guys what an awesome achievement!!!! I don't know you, but i play down at Vandals. It sounded like a great adventure, one which is for a great cause. Well done!!! BIG HAND!!! Make sure you find me out at the Vandals and I will buy you all a drink!!! Port or sambuca!!!!
  • 30/07/09 14:53 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • It was a pleasure guys - the latest version of tripview has been under development for some months, and this trip gave us the impetus to move things on and get some real-life use and testing. Having you guys use it was brilliant, albeit with a few late nights and fixes 'on the fly'!
  • 30/07/09 11:25 via web by Chris Primett
  • Without Tripview, we think it would have been nearly impossible for us to raise half as much money as we have done. Nick has worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks creating the website as we have been using it and has done an incredible job. Its allowed us to keep you all up-to-date with the trip really easily. So from the five of us, Thank you very much Nick- brilliant job!
  • 30/07/09 00:04 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • If you have been watching the trip's progress on this site then we would really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to let us have your feedback - just click the 'feedback' tab above or use this link
    Many thanks.
  • 30/07/09 00:02 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • As expected, a quieter day on the site today, but still 200+ page views from around 40 people. Visits today from Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Ontario and New Zealand, plus UK and Europe.
    Keep watching the site as photos will be uploaded soon.
  • 28/07/09 23:43 via web by Chris Primett
  • Well. We have all arrived home. Long old trek home, left at 8.20am and arrived at Kings Cross at 9.44pm. In brief summary, awesome trip, loads of money raised, brilliant two weeks, loads of photos which will be uploaded soon so keep checking the site! Feel free to leave more messages/ask questions. We will probably try to write up some sort of summary to post although you probably have an idea of most of the trip with our text's in.

    Thanks for the support!
  • 28/07/09 18:07 by text msg from James Russell
  • just seen a rainbow as we enter back into england on our epicly long train journey.
  • 28/07/09 17:51 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Horse box? That's got to be worth a photo!
  • 28/07/09 14:34 via web by Beth Prescott
  • Ken just saw what u wrote... jenny's dad is collecting the boys from kings cross (in a horse box so lots of room) so they dont have to cycle across london to waterloo and taking them back to windlesham where there all geting picked up! makes it a lot easier for all of them!! xxx
  • 28/07/09 14:23 via web by Ken Sewell
  • It must feel weird sitting down without your legs going round (and not getting rained on) Have you all got transport back from the station when get 'down south'?
  • 28/07/09 10:44 via web by Jenny Lewis
  • Enjoy the last bit of your journey home. I hope your hangovers aren't that bad :) see you all soon!! xxx
  • 28/07/09 09:48 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Good morning gentlemen, have a safe journey home today - at least you won't get wet if it rains!
    10,000 page views and counting - you guys have had quite a following on your adventure!
  • 27/07/09 23:35 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • A huge day on the site as well as for the guys! Over 1,000 page views today, taking the total number of views since the site was launched to over 10,000! Over 80 people visited the site today, and there have been over 1,000 unique visitors during July - the majority of whom will have been looking at pages on the lads' trip. Just shows the level of interest that there has been in what these guys have done - and rightly so!
  • 27/07/09 22:34 via web by Rebecca Paris
  • Congrats on making it all the way boys... hope you're enjoying the celebrating and not scaring too many locals with your naked photo shoots!! Sweaty hugs... Becky xxx
  • 27/07/09 21:15 via web by Andrew Goulton
  • Great achievement, Great causes for a Great guy!! Well done lads amazing effort!! xx
  • 27/07/09 20:04 via web by David Norman
  • Just a note to add our congratulations on a magnificent achievemnent..........the rest has already been said! We've kept track on your progress and are looking forward to the photo's. Enjoy tonight - you've earned it! Safe journey home lads. Regards from Strathmore Golf Centre.
  • 27/07/09 19:47 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • CONGRATULATIONS to the EXCELLENT guys with whom it was a pleasure to meet. See you all next year doing it the reverse way!!! lolol
  • 27/07/09 19:04 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you ALL!!! You've achieved something really special - Tom would be so proud of you all, but jealous he's missed out on such an amazing adventure! - and for two such great causes. Enjoy your celebrations tonight - you so deserve it. Look forward to catching up with you soon and hearing all your tales! Bridget Tim Rach & Matt XXXXX
  • 27/07/09 17:39 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Now at our final campsite before the train home tomorrow morning. Awesome to have finished. Clouds parted and allowed a bit of sun through for our a rrival at JOG. Massive thanks to Ros and Ian who looked after us very well in Reay. If you havnt already donated, its not too late- please do so! Keep ch ecking the website as in a few days, we will hopefully have the photos up! A trip to the pub is in order...
  • 27/07/09 17:02 via web by Fiona Sadler
  • Well done seems so inadequate. Heroic effort. So many people, so proud of you all. Safe trip home. Love Mark, Fi & Shelly xxx
  • 27/07/09 16:49 via web by Jenny Lewis
  • Well done - u have all done fab! Can't wait to see you when you get home! Xxx
  • 27/07/09 16:45 via web by Philip Russell
  • Fantastic achievement lads. We are all so proud of you all. Have a round of drinks on us Russells and James I will pay you back.
    Phil, Karen, Jenny and Katherine.
  • 27/07/09 16:36 via web by JO CROOKS
  • 27/07/09 16:14 via web by Martin Primett
  • Awesome guys!You have been magnificent throughout; your chosen charities will be really chuffed as Tom would be. Enjoy your celebrations tonight you deserve them. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. xx
  • 27/07/09 16:14 via web by Linda Sewell
  • You are quite simply brilliant to have achieved this - a herculean effort of which we are all in awe. Wethink Tom would be incredibly proud of what you have done in his name, and don't doubt that he has been with you along the way. Many congratulations on getting past the winning post! Linda, Ken & Chris
  • 27/07/09 15:56 via web by James Prescott
  • Well done lads, u cycled 1060 miles and i can barely cycle 1! well played to you. if i was old enough i would buy u a drink! x
  • 27/07/09 15:52 via web by natalie sadler
  • Well done boys! Really well done! We are all so proud of you! Don't get too drunk so you miss your train home! Looking forward to seeing you very soon! :) xxx
  • 27/07/09 15:50 via web by Ted Taylor
  • Well done lads. Bill head straight back to work now you have had two weeks holiday.
  • 27/07/09 15:48 via web by Beth Prescott
  • wooooo! well done boys... so so proud of you all!! xxxx
  • 27/07/09 15:47 via web by Carol Primett
  • Congratulations lads,so proud of you all and Tom would be too. Enjoy celebrating tonight. Carol x
  • 27/07/09 15:47 via web by Alan Price
  • C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! What an awesome achievement, all in Tom's memory. If you don't already have a bottle organised, have one on our account. Love Alan, Ann, Ben + Jo
  • 27/07/09 15:45 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Huge congratulations guys - you are absolute LEGENDS!!!
  • 27/07/09 15:42 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Ladies and gentleman...we have arrived!
  • 27/07/09 15:32 via web by Beth Prescott
  • It's not just you.. I am too! So proud of them!!
  • 27/07/09 15:16 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Is it just me - or is everyone holding their breath waiting for that text message?
  • 27/07/09 14:29 via web by Philip Russell
  • Well done to you all. Enjoy your last day. Awaiting the text to say you have arrived. An amazing feat go for the gold. Love from Karen and Phil and the girls
  • 27/07/09 12:31 via web by Probusiness Limited
  • Congratulations! Your friend's memory lives on thanks to you guys. You've done something very special.
  • 27/07/09 11:26 via web by Alan Price
  • Enjoy the moment. As Jim Telfer said in the 'Living with Lions' video, 'Boys, this is your Everest!'. Have a great time.
  • 27/07/09 11:20 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • We have managed to sort out a lift from john o groats to wick at 4.30, courtesy of last nights hosts Ros and Ian, so still havnt left yet. Will prob ably arrive around 3.30 but will send a text when we arrive!
  • 27/07/09 09:37 via web by Carol Primett
  • Go guys, you are Olympic Champions. Have a great day. Looking forward to hearing you have passed the finishing line. Carol x
  • 27/07/09 09:35 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • If this trip is our olympics, today is our olympic final.
  • 27/07/09 08:49 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • You GO Guys!!!
  • 27/07/09 08:23 via web by JO CROOKS
  • Your last day can't find words that describe my admiration to you all you are simply fantastic! well done what a huge achievement. stay safe and good luck
  • 27/07/09 07:01 via web by Fiona Sadler
  • Last day today. Enjoy the moment - it'll soon be over. What an amazing achievement. Huge respect. We are so very proud of you all. Much love, Mark Fi & Shelly
  • 27/07/09 00:10 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • Hi Guys - Your very LAST day - GOOD LUCK for those last few miles - you're all amazing - Tom couldn't have wished for better mates. Take care & enjoy your huge achievement. Love Bridget Tim Rach & Matt. XXXXX
  • 26/07/09 23:00 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Have just come across this link
    I think you can now qualify to belong to this rather select group!
    Enjoy tomorrow!
    Linda, Ken & Chris xxxx
  • 26/07/09 22:54 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • approaching 9,000 page views on this site since the guys set out - looking like it will be over 10,000 by the time they have finished and back home
  • 26/07/09 22:51 via web by Martin Primett
  • Late call guys-keep an eye out for low flying aircraft. Have advised RAF Lossiemouth through Help for Heroes that you will be on route from Reay from about 0930. No guarantees, but let me know asap if timings change - keep yr wheels on the ground! Have a brill last day. xx
  • 26/07/09 22:15 via web by Linda Sewell
  • It must feel fantastic knowing you have so nearly pedalled the entire length of the country (oftern submerged!) and we hope that you are able to savour your triumphant arrival at JoG tomorrow. There are so many people that will be awaiting news of your arrival, they have been tracking your progress with utmost respect for what you have undertaken. Enjoy the last leg - Ken, Linda and Chris xxxx
  • 26/07/09 21:31 via web by Andrew Goulton
  • One more day guys! Keep it up nearly there!! xx
  • 26/07/09 20:52 via web by Ann Price
  • Absolutely amazing job boys!! really looking forward to seeing you on tuesday. enjoy your last day and make sure you take lots of photos!! well done Ann, Alan and Jo xxxxxx
  • 26/07/09 20:46 via web by Ann Price
  • Absolutely amazing job boys!! really looking forward to seeing you on tuesday. enjoy your last day and make sure you take lots of photos!! well done Ann, Alan and Jo xxxxxx
  • 26/07/09 20:29 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Nice one guys - so close now I bet you can smell it! Have a fantastic ride to JOG tomorrow. Nick
  • 26/07/09 19:50 via web by natalie sadler
  • Hey guys! So so proud of you all! not long to go now! looking forward to seeing you all! keep going! one more day! :) xxxxx
  • 26/07/09 19:23 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • Hi all, thats the boys arrived now in Reay.
  • 26/07/09 16:51 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just uploaded some photos from Tim and Bridget Smith - thanks guys.
  • 26/07/09 16:49 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Cancel that search & rescue chopper - the Famous Five are back!
    Great going guys - so nearly there now. I'm bl**dy exhausted just watching the website!
  • 26/07/09 16:42 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • Well done Chris and crew see you soon then, and it does get better.
  • 26/07/09 16:40 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • We are fine. About 16 miles from Reay, right on north coast of scotland now, suddenly got very hilly again. On and off reception here. Should now fo cus on the road!
  • 26/07/09 16:37 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • Hi has anyone heard from them?
  • 26/07/09 16:30 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • Hi Guys. Hope you're all ok. Sorry to hear you're having rubbish weather again - but you should be used to it by now?! You're so nearly there - keep going - we're so impresed by you all!! Take care for these last couple of days.Bridget Tim Rach & Matt.X
  • 26/07/09 15:59 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Hey guys - both donation targets have been broken - better crank 'em up again!!!
  • 26/07/09 12:23 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • Its not raining heavy along the coast line, but could get worse i'm afraid
  • 26/07/09 12:21 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • By the way - welcome to visitors to the site over the last 2 days from California, Kansas (Dorothy?),New York, Barecelona, Nordhein-Westfalen and Bangkok...
  • 26/07/09 12:12 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Excellent - thanks for the help with the 'spotting' - hope the weather's better up there than it is in Cornwall at the moment!
  • 26/07/09 12:01 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • Yes that would be good Nick I'll supply the two cans you can supply the string lol. My F-in-Law, who lives at the Tongue end, will keep an eye out for them and let me know if he see's them.
  • 26/07/09 11:28 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Hi Ros & Ian - great stuff, thanks.
    PS - maybe we need to introduce a 'two tin cans and long bit of string' facility for when the mobile signals drop ;-)
  • 26/07/09 10:43 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • regarding signals where the guys are, it is very difficult to get one. I'll let you all know when they arrive in Reay.
  • 26/07/09 08:35 via web by Carol Primett
  • A huge thank you to Nick for providing this website which has enabled all the lads families and friends to be so involved in their cycle ride. Extremely proud of you all guys. Enjoy the last couple of days together! Carol x
  • 26/07/09 07:58 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • system test by tripview
  • 26/07/09 07:11 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just tested the SMS gateway and all OK, so I'm guessing that the lads may be in a spot that has not signal - as no messages since the map update yesterday afternoon.
  • 26/07/09 07:05 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Guys - if it is any consolation - we are in Cornwall for a long weekend and the rain is bucketing down here!
  • 26/07/09 00:02 via web by Martin Primett
  • Only 2 days to go guys!Brilliant achievement,hope you have smooth final phase; sorry that weather unlikely to be kind. Cheers from us all! The Prims!
  • 25/07/09 21:24 via web by Ken Sewell
  • Major hurdle to donating!! Barclaycard have considered that the flurry of charitable donation activity is suspicious and have blocked my card.
  • 25/07/09 19:54 via web by Rob Maher
  • Keep on going sweetheart. My love is always with you C Bomb. X Much Love X Rob Maher X
  • 25/07/09 12:19 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Hey guys - you are going to need to raise those targets again - a fantastic effort by all of you! Nick
  • 25/07/09 11:42 via web by Ros & Ian Ellis
  • Hi all, we're all ready for your stay here tomorrow night. Keep pedalling. Ros & Ian
  • 25/07/09 02:07 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • !!! NEW !!!

    Trip-buddies can now choose to have their messages forwarded to the lads - to help them push those pedals over the last 3 days, and to send them congratulations when they reach John O'Groats!

    Each trip-buddy has been given 20 message credits, and 1 credit will be deducted for each one of the lads that a message is sent to.

    This facility is being sponsored by The Unpackaged Travel Company - so you know where to go when you want to book your own trip of a lifetime!

  • 24/07/09 21:07 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • As with everyday so far, we had rain. And a lot of it. Rain continued for a number of hours after lunch making us very wet and very cold with the wi nd. Stopped at a cafe for a hot chocolate by which time the rain had stopped. A relatively nice final 27 miles to camp which went quickly. Dinner is now cooking, pasta again and sadly looks like there are no pubs near by. All pretty excited with there being only 3 days left!
  • 24/07/09 16:57 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Good luck with the poncho hunt! I hope you successfully dodge the rain and get to your campsite OK. The sponsor money is building well today - you have broken the £3k on the Marsden site and more than £2.5k on HfH - so brilliant support from everybody! Very proud of you all and hope that Tom has provided some more rainbows! Linda Ken & Chris xxx
  • 24/07/09 14:54 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Braved it through rain to make it to Huntly, sitting in a pub having just had lunch. Letting the rain pass before we head off and provided the cloud s continue moving as they are, we should make it to Forres before the next general election. Might go hunting for a poncho!
  • 24/07/09 08:56 via web by Ted Taylor
  • My God bill, you've woken up only took you a week, must of missed alot of scenery?
  • 23/07/09 20:30 via web by David Norman
  • Chris, Chris, Billy, James and Will – pleased to hear your next stage to Banchory went well, with not too many ‘blow outs’ or soakings (?).Only 4 more to go! Great effort Guys. Nick called me and has put us on the site – thank you very much for that, and I had a nice call from one of your Mothers to say thanks. I can only say it was a pleasure and we were delighted to be able to help, even if only in a small way. Your deserve every praise and we wish you success in your feat. Jim from the Blackbird inn says Hi. We’ll be keeping a keen watch on your progress from Strathmore Golf Centre. Take care and good luck for the next leg.
  • 23/07/09 19:36 by text msg from Billy Bates
  • The mileage was a lot less today compared to other days so we found ourselves taking extended rest stops. One of our stops involved a visit to the local whiskey distillary. Even with these stops we managed to get to the campsite for four o'clock. Mainly due to newly converted mad scottsman will screaming down the mountains at 80kph! Just had an indian in prep for our massive day tomorrow.
  • 23/07/09 18:33 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • A bit of random info for you all:
    The site statistics show a variety of search terms that people have used to find the site. These include 'tripview tom sewell', 'tom sewell charity ride' and 'trip tom sewell' However, our favourites are: 'trip well co uk tom sewell bike' and (best of the lot) 'lands end to john o groats bike ride billy bates' - which gets Billy top of page one on Google - nice one!!
  • 23/07/09 17:00 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • We are to delighted to welcome Strathmore Golf Centre as a new sponsor on the site. Please visit the sponsors pageto read more about Strathmore GC and all the other sponsors. I'm sure they would all love to hear from you - especially if you are looking to arrange your own travel experience, looking for telecoms services, need some consultancy or accountancy, want some pampering, fancy a round of golf in Scotland, etc., etc...
  • 23/07/09 09:49 by text msg from James Russell
  • just had a fantastic breakfast courtesy of strathmore golf club. A bacon and egg roll with numerous chocolate bars to fill our paniers. Then to top it off the club donated a staggering £50 to the charity. Many thanks to them.
  • 22/07/09 23:40 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • 400 page views again today, with visits from Europe and Qatar. 6,500+ page views since the guys left Lands End. Sponsorship targets getting close again - would be nice to see them broken by the time they get to John O'Groats...
  • 22/07/09 21:12 via web by JO CROOKS
  • Hi guys glad you enjoyed your well earned rest day - can't believe how far you have cycled - totally in awe of you all. good luck Jo x
  • 22/07/09 21:07 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • For the first time we arrived at camp at a reasonable hour. Had some time to actually relax and we would like to thank the Smith family for their ho spitality in Haslington. It was a pleasant change to wet camping with them providing an enormous dinner, delicious cooked breakfast, a proper bed and hel ping with getting my bike in a condition to make it to the end of the trip. So Tim and Bridget, thank you very much!
  • 22/07/09 20:32 by text msg from James Russell
  • just been given a fiver by the land lord of the blackbird inn in new alyth this brings the collection from generous people in pubs to £45 fantastic
  • 22/07/09 20:17 by text msg from Will Taylor
  • Took a 20 mile shortcut 2day making it feel like the shortest longest day ever. Although we cycled 65 miles in around 5 hours we were constantly rid dled with punctures throughout the day taking up an equal amount of time to repair. Dinner then pub.
  • 22/07/09 18:22 by text msg from Chris Price
  • 'rest day' : very relaxing and chilled day,had a slap up meal the 1st night, fajitas and plenty of beer. Then went to a 'ski lodge' type cafe with massive hot chocolates and we didnt move for hours. Walked the city centre sights then watched bruno at the cinema at night. Exactly what we needed
  • 22/07/09 16:53 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • Hi Guys. Hope you've had a good day & are at yr campsite by now. Sorry to hear about all the punctures - hope you stocked up on repair kits (& shoelaces!!) in Edinburgh. Good Luck for the next few days - you're doing great! Take care. Bridget Tim Rach & Matt.x
  • 22/07/09 16:42 via web by Ken Sewell
  • I know the midges in that part of the world are tough but it seems like they are attacking the tyres! Its either that or the thistles - Keep patching them up
    Ken, Linda & Chris
  • 22/07/09 16:23 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Best. Puncture. Ever. Standing with my bike, waiting to depart after a break and then comes the same sound you get when opening a can of coke. Look down at the wheel to see a small cloud of dust escape! No idea what caused it! Repaired the puncture which failed a short time after so hoping the second job will do! 3rd stop of the day due to my bike. Now on another break meaning our stops have lasted longer than actual cycling today! 10 miles from camp
  • 22/07/09 14:32 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • There we go - second part took 20 mins to arrive - must have had a puncture itself!
  • 22/07/09 14:23 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • 2nd part of James's message is still 'out there' somewhere - hopefully should arrive shortly
  • 22/07/09 14:09 by text msg from James Russell
  • prim now tops the leader board of punctures with 4. His latest one occured while stationary! Bill is in a close second. Followed by me then price and will still has no punctures... Yet x
  • 22/07/09 10:38 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Refreshed after the rest day. 10 miles down today, james and i both have had a puncture. Puncture tables: billy 4, prim 3, james 2, price 1, will 0. Rained a little so far, continuing our routine of having rain everyday! Morale is high with us all being refreshed!
  • 21/07/09 23:03 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • A quieter day on the site today, with just over 400 page views. Best wishes to the guys as they start the final push for J.O'G. tomorrow. We'll be setting up a facility for trip-buddy messages to get forwarded directly to the lads' phones over the final few days - to help them over the hills and through the glens - so watch this space for more details...
  • 21/07/09 22:45 via web by Martin Primett
  • Hope you (and bikes!)had a good rest day enjoying the sights of Edinburgh! Fingers crossed that weather is better than BBC suggest tomorrow. Take care all x
  • 21/07/09 21:42 via web by James Rice
  • massivly impressed guys. keep it up
  • 21/07/09 20:52 via web by Rob Maher
  • Keep up the good work sweethearts. Rob x
  • 21/07/09 20:46 via web by JO CROOKS
  • hoping you have a good day in edinburgh, happy cycling tomorrow. Jo x
  • 20/07/09 23:24 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Have fun shopping in Waitrose, Edinburgh! Have a good rest - look at the map and see how far you have pedalled! You are truly remarkable! Linda, Ken & Chris x
  • 20/07/09 20:57 via web by JO CROOKS
  • Wishing you a fabulous day in Edinburgh may you all have a well earned rest! Good luck for the last leg of trip. Jo x
  • 20/07/09 16:09 by text msg from Claire Bates
  • Keep going all of you. You are doing so well. Billy we miss you loads. Love mum dad jack and daisy x
  • 20/07/09 13:27 via web by Karen Lamont
  • A rest day. What's that I hear you say?? I'm sure it will set you up for the final sprint. You are the Invincibles - Bring it on!!! The Lamonts
  • 20/07/09 00:58 via web by Claire Bates
  • Keep going are all just amazing..happy cycling xx
  • 20/07/09 00:05 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • Hi Guys. It was lovely to have you all to stay -Hope you're all well. Great to hear you've had a good day & not far to go tomorrow. Have a great time in Edinburgh - it's a fantastic city - sure you'll love it - check out The Royal Mile, Rose Street & The Grassmarket for lots of pubs, and the chippies for deep-fried everything!! Enjoy a well earned rest and comfy sleeps. Good Luck for the 2nd half of the trip - hope the weather is kinder to you. Take care. Bridget & Tim. X
  • 19/07/09 23:19 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • 500 page views today, and approx 5,000 views since the lads set off last weekend, with visits from UK, Germany, Australia, USA, Italy, New Zealand, France, India, China, Peru, Portugal, Sweden and Suriname.
  • 19/07/09 22:28 via web by Ken Sewell
  • Forgot to mention - Surrey Herald have been in touch and want to run a story so you may get a call from Emma
  • 19/07/09 22:23 via web by Ken Sewell
  • Great effort lads. Enjoy a well deserved rest day on Tuesday. It's haggis all the way now.
    Take care.
    Ken, Linda & Chris
  • 19/07/09 21:09 via web by Ann Price
  • Absolutely amazing, you have all done so well. Have a well earned break on Tuesday. Ann, Alan and Jo.
  • 19/07/09 21:07 via web by james duffield
  • Hi Guys
    We are so glad that you are over half way and in Scotland!! Have a deep fried mars bar on me!!
    We think what you are doing is so fantastic and we are telling everyone about it and asking them to check out the website and donate!
    We will keep checking on your progress.
    Mr and Mrs D BALMORAL
  • 19/07/09 20:43 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Site updated
  • 19/07/09 20:31 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • The guys just called from a landline - they are in a valley and have no mobile signal so can't send text updates. All fine - arrived about an hour ago. Did some extra miles today so a short 45 mile hop to Edinburgh tomorrow. They should arrive there early afternoon and then a well earned day's rest.
  • 19/07/09 20:23 via web by Carol Primett
  • Wooh hoo!! Och aye the noo (had to say it no one else has). Fantastic lads, enjoy some civilisation in Edinburgh x
  • 19/07/09 19:23 via web by JO CROOKS
  • you guys are amazing! enjoy scotland - what progress you've made in such a short time. best of luck to you all as you continue. Jo x
  • 19/07/09 18:51 via web by Andrew Primett
  • Have been watching your progress from across Europe, seems like it has been pretty tough but battling through it. Your views from Rome and Berlin, Keep it up x
  • 19/07/09 17:43 via web by Jenny Lewis
  • Well done boys u r doing fab : ) have a nice day 2moro! xx
  • 19/07/09 17:39 via web by Philip Russell
  • Hi well done on getting to Scotland a great result. Have a good evening and stay safe. Phil and Karen from France
  • 19/07/09 16:27 via web by Beth Prescott
  • Well done boys! Over half way now :) xxx
  • 19/07/09 16:17 by text msg from Martin Primett
  • Congratulations on reaching Scotland! Superb. X
  • 19/07/09 15:14 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • We are in scotland! A piece of metal snapped on my bike which was holding my rack and panniers on. Fixed it wit a shoe lace and tape- the same shoe lace which the others laughed at the idea of me bringing!
  • 19/07/09 14:20 via web by Martin Primett
  • Hope all bikes and bodies working well, and weather being kinder today.Best wishes for rest of trip. From Grannie & Grandad Primett x
  • 19/07/09 14:18 via web by Martin Primett
  • Add your message or comment here...
  • 19/07/09 00:58 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • Hi. Glad to hear rest of your day has been good, and very pleased that you're enjoying yourselves "up north"!!. have a good ride next couple of days - not long til Edinburgh & a good rest.X
  • 19/07/09 00:16 via web by Clare Gent
  • Woop woop trip buddy :) representing J-Top lol so so so impressed at your progress as thought you were doing it the other way round lol. But keep it up and hope you're all still enjoying it :) x x
  • 18/07/09 23:03 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Weird stuff going on with text messages from the lads - there are unusual delays in receiving the second part of long messages. Will investigate further tomorrow.
  • 18/07/09 22:40 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Y'Alrite (as all northerners seem to say)! Just popped out to penrith to grab some dinner. Found a lovely pub. Tried temple sowerby, our designated stop, but it is completely abandoned, barely any signs of life there! In the taxi to camp, need sleep as tomorrow looks like being a 90 mile day!
  • 18/07/09 21:54 via web by Kate & Gareth Prickett
  • Well done guys. We are enjoying watching your progress. It's a great thing you are doing.
  • 18/07/09 18:08 via web by Neil Totter
  • Hi lads,It's a tough trip you have chosen, but from what I have heard, the purpose for which you are putting yourselves through this is so very courageous of you all and TOM would be proud of your achievement.Heads down, you are over half way now.(Though I thought you would have chosen the 'down-hill'journey!(lol)
  • 18/07/09 17:28 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just to confirm that Tripview will cover the costs of all the guys as far as sending text messages to the site is concerned - so Chris can send as many as he likes.
    What happens with text messages that are over a certain length is that the network chops them up into two parts (or three if it is a long message) Usually the separate parts arrive within a few seconds of each other and tripview will bolt them back together. However, the second part of Chris's message took 15 minutes to arrive via the network - it must have stopped at the beer festival!
  • 18/07/09 17:19 via web by Alan Price
  • I understand that Chris Price is the only one who has to pay for sending texts to the blog so that's why he's reluctant to do so! I know you are all in suspense as to where they are as Chris' message cut off - they are at a beer festival, just 2 miles before they arrive at the campsite. I think they earned it after yesterday!
  • 18/07/09 16:58 by text msg from Chris Price
  • Today could not be more different from yesterday. The sun is out, spirits are high, billy has returned, and the best thing is that we are now at a beer festival 2 miles from the campsite! Fantastic!
  • 18/07/09 10:42 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • The halfway point should be crossed today - which I'm sure will be a massive boost to those aching legs. You go guys!
  • 18/07/09 09:27 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Really hope that the sun is shining on you this morning! Wishing you much better luck today! You know the song When the going get tough....! You can do this!! Linda, Ken & Chris x
  • 17/07/09 23:50 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just over 600 page views again today - viewings from Germany and New Zealand
  • 17/07/09 22:31 via web by Carol Primett
  • Every cloud has a silver lining (but not sure what it is yet!!)things can only get wetter, oops sorry better!! Hope there are some lighthearted moments tomorrow. Keep smiling and cycling x
  • 17/07/09 22:21 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Sounds like it's been a toughie today guys, and really sorry to hear that Billy is not well. Weather looks like it should be moving north of you over the next two days - don't cycle too fast in case you catch it up! Take care and let's hope the sun is out for you tomorrow...
  • 17/07/09 22:13 via web by Jenny Lewis
  • Keep ur chins up boys. Hope billy is feeling better soon and that u all dry out and warm up! Not long untill ur rest day : ) xxx
  • 17/07/09 22:12 via web by Philip Russell
  • Lads what a bad day you must have had. Our thoughts are with you, rest, eat and keep going. Best wishes for a great Saturday from phil and Karen
  • 17/07/09 21:55 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Right. Just arrived at camp site. Tired. Achy. Soaked. Freezing. No shower here. Waiting for a pizza to arrive. 6 punctures in 36 hours. No means of drying clothes. Very depressing times!
  • 17/07/09 21:20 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Really hope today has been OK and you have not had any more problems with the bikes! So sorry that Bill is ill and hope that he can rejoin you a.s.a.p. Make the most of the extra room in the tent! Good luck - Linda, Ken & Chris xxx
  • 17/07/09 20:40 via web by sara hollingshead
  • Hello to the boys! You must be about half way and I haven't heard any complaints about sore bottoms! You boys must be made of tough stuff! Loved seeing the pictures and the messages. Keep it up!! Sara & Paul Hollingshead from Vandals ps Billy - make sure you put suncream on!!!
  • 17/07/09 07:06 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Message to the guys at Halfords, Crewe - if you email some info about your store, and the folks that work there, we'll get you added as a sponsor on the site by way of thanks for your kind help.
    Please send me info, plus a logo if possible, to:
  • 16/07/09 23:56 via web by halfords crewe
  • No problem guys, hope the BB is sweet for the rest of the ride, and good luck for the rest of the trip!
  • 16/07/09 22:51 via web by Tim Smith
  • The guys are watching the telly after a few beers and a good nosh. Many thanks go to the guys in Halfords in Crewe who spent over an hour fixing Primmett's bike and then charged absolutely nothing for the pleasure!! Top blokes!
  • 16/07/09 21:40 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Another 600 page views today, with people viewing from Texas, Florida, Suriname, Lombardy, Rome and Berlin.
  • 16/07/09 20:35 via web by Jenny Lewis
  • So just got home after being with the boys! they looked really good and healthy (some more sun blushed than others lol)! lets hope prims bike is a bit better after he has got a new cog or something : ) I'm sure that they will really enjoy a nice warm house and bed tonight! good luck xxx
  • 16/07/09 19:54 via web by JO CROOKS
  • Hi guys enjoy your evening and more importantly your nights sleep in proper beds! bike doesn't sound good Chris - fingers crossed for you. you are all doing amazing, will keep in touch. Jo x
  • 16/07/09 19:48 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Hi Beth,
    The other half of your text got stolen by a cyber-bunny, but we caught it and made it give it back, and it is now back where it belongs on the end of your message...
  • 16/07/09 19:38 via web by Beth Prescott
  • appears the text we sent only half came through... glad the boys got to haslington safe, they definitley deserve a nights sleep in a proper bed... no thanks for the pillows or the diet coke though boys, tut tut! Take care, lots of love beth and jenny xxxxxxx
  • 16/07/09 18:47 by text msg from Beth Prescott
  • Nearly home from staying with the suntanned boys last night in leominster, having a bbq and providing them with a lunch service today! Lots of love jen and beth x x x ps hope you enjoyed the diet coke :) x x x
  • 16/07/09 18:26 via web by Chris Primett
  • We have all safely arrived at the Smith's residence in Haslington. Billy is in 1st place on the puncture table storming into the lead with 1 today! Just had a shower, lovely not having to erect a tent. Tim is hopefully going to take me to Halfords later to see if I can get a new front cog on my bike (i will leave the dodgy gears and breaks for another time). Keep seeing a group of other cyclists who are also doing the end-to-end route. No doubt we will see them more in the days to come. Completed just over 80 miles today on relatively flat ground (heaven compared to Cornwall/Devon) so did it in good time. Looking forward to sleeping in a proper bed after a massive dinner!
  • 16/07/09 16:46 via web by Alan Price
  • I guess I can no longer justify going on about the epic 56 miles I did by bike from Bookham to Portsmouth when I was 16! The daily distances you are covering are incredible. A great effort so far lads - keep it up and keep smiling!
  • 16/07/09 12:09 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just added some photos from Tuesday evening. Apologies for less than professional camera work! A couple more rainbow shots to come...
  • 16/07/09 12:06 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • new photos added on website
  • 16/07/09 08:01 via web by Carol Primett
  • Morning guys, hope the sun shines for you today and you manage to dodge the showers. Fingers crossed your bike holds out Chris. Keep safe. Carol x
  • 15/07/09 22:51 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • The tripview server will be undergoing maintenance from 02:00am to 05:00am BST tonight - so there may be some downtime during those hours. Apologies to any night-owls or overseas visitors for an inconvenience.
  • 15/07/09 22:45 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Over £4,500 and counting, with close to 3,000 page views since the guys set off. Visits today from Los Angeles - maybe a donation from Brangelina ?
  • 15/07/09 22:15 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • Hi guys. Have a good night. So impressed with your efforts for Tom & his charities - See you all tomorrow. Chris - hope your bike doesn't make it too hard work. Tim & Bridget x
  • 15/07/09 21:33 via web by Ann Price
  • Hi all. Just wondered if Chris Price is still with you as he is the only one who hasn't as yet written on the blog! Hope the day has gone well and the weather is not too bad. It's always awesome weather in Wales!! Ann, Alan and Jo xx.
  • 15/07/09 20:37 via web by Philip Russell
  • Hi hope today has gone well and you have survived the longest day and not got lost! Looking forward to seeing the photos. Cycle safely - Phil and Karen xx
  • 15/07/09 20:36 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Loose front wheel, no use of lowest gears, wobbly gear cog, useless breaks, bent crank arm, missing screws, unknown creaks... Just a few problems with my bike. Bike man said today 'i will be suprised if you make it 50 miles' chances of bike making it to j o'g... Slim to none. 90 miles today, tiring!
  • 15/07/09 19:39 via web by JO CROOKS
  • hoping you have a successful day and a safe cycle - guessing you won't need rocking to sleep tonight! good luck to you all x Jo x
  • 15/07/09 18:09 via web by Philip Russell
  • Hi hope today has gone well and you have survived the longest day and not got lost! Looking forward to seeing the photos. Cycle safely - Phil and Karen xx
  • 15/07/09 17:27 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Hope today has been kind to you, flatter and better weather! Sun out here so hoping you have stayed dried today! Linda Ken & Chris x
  • 15/07/09 11:31 by text msg from James Russell
  • a beautiful morning so far. 20 miles done so far and just about to cross over into wales. Looking forward to the bbq beth and jenn are going to cook us tonight.
  • 15/07/09 08:58 via web by Ted Taylor
  • Well done lads, keep up the good work. VP1 is behind you, admittedly 90 miles behind you. Bill have you taken photo's of every pylon yet?
  • 15/07/09 08:40 by text msg from James Russell
  • today has been good. We got up packed every thing away then cycled 100m to the pub. For a massive breakfast courtesy of mr primett before what appears to be our longest day on paper, that is if we dont get lost on future days.
  • 15/07/09 01:42 via web by Martin Primett
  • Great to meet Nick & Andrew and share a beer with the guys in the Wheatsheaf. All looking fit, but with a few sore quads. A tough 98 miler day ahead, so have a gd breakfast and keep up the great work! keep safe x
  • 14/07/09 23:55 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just back from meeting the guys and having a couple of pints with them. Many thanks to the Wheatsheaf Inn at Corston for their hospitality and donation - I think the lads are in for a cracking breakfast there in the morning.
    A great group of lads - all in great spirits and already a few tales to tell, but I'll leave that to them.
    They saw the rainbows too whilst they were riding the last few miles this evening. They have been taking loads of photos and will probably upload when they get to Haslington on Friday.
    Over 750 page views today on the site today!
  • 14/07/09 23:25 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Just had a couple of sneaky pints at the pub. The extra 10 miles today earnt that! Shattered now, panda eyes strong, very impressed with all the viewings!
  • 14/07/09 23:12 via web by james duffield
  • Hi guys. It sounds you are all doing a great job. We have nothing but admiration for what you are doing. We hope the weather treats you well and you are not too saddle sore. We wish you good luck on your next stage of the journey.
    Mr and Mrd D Balmoral House.
  • 14/07/09 21:40 via web by JO CROOKS
  • Hi guys sounds like you're all doing well, may the weather get better and may Tom continue to send rainbows to you. best of luck
  • 14/07/09 21:01 via web by Linda Sewell
  • So pleased you are there safely - rainbows a sure sign that Tom is with you! Well done and enjoy the beer or "apple juice" - you earned it! x
  • 14/07/09 20:56 by text msg from Will Taylor
  • Arrived in saltford! A wrong turn today added a few miles onto the daily total of 88, although spirits are high with hilly cornall and devon behind us. Eating dinner then off to the pub.
  • 14/07/09 20:18 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Lads have arrived and are pitching tents
  • 14/07/09 19:37 by text msg from Martin Primett
  • with Nick and Andrew at campsite awaiting guys arrival. All looking fit and well 20 mins ago! A little weary! Earned a beer!
  • 14/07/09 19:29 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • At the campsite waiting for the lads. Another rainbow has just appeared - this time it's a double rainbow!
  • 14/07/09 18:49 via web by Kate & Gareth Prickett
  • Well done guys. We are following your trip and hoping for good weather for you.
  • 14/07/09 18:29 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just stopped to get a photo of the fantastic rainbow sitting over where the lads will be camping tonight - nice one Tom!
  • 14/07/09 18:18 via web by Andrew Goulton
  • Keep peddling and updating guys!! Sounds like your doing great!! xx
  • 14/07/09 18:14 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • On the way to meet the lads - there will be beer involved!!!
  • 14/07/09 13:05 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Visitors to the site today from Sweden, Germany, Australia and China.
    Goddag, Guten Tag, Ni Hao and G'day mate!
  • 14/07/09 13:03 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Aiming to head over to your campsite tonight to buy you a drink. A few pints of the local 'apple juice' and you won't even notice the weather!
  • 14/07/09 10:07 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Good morning gentlemen - it is chucking it down here so hoping that you have the sun today! Good luck today - you are getting through the miles! Well done. Linda Ken & Chris
  • 14/07/09 09:40 via web by Fiona Sadler
  • So pleased to hear you are passed Sheffield already!!!!!!!!! That must be some record??

    Keep up the good work - we are very proud of you all.

    Can't wait to see you again Billiam.

    Love Mark, Fi & Shelly
  • 13/07/09 20:53 via web by Philip Russell
  • Guys, it is a fallacy to think curries will help you go faster! What they will do is help you cycle to stay in front of the other riders?

    Keep up the peddling and take care.

    Phil R
  • 13/07/09 20:45 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • The site had 400 page views yesterday, and over 500 today so far and counting - so if you have a business get sponsoring now and get your logo seen!!!
  • 13/07/09 20:42 via web by Linda Sewell
  • Hi Guys - can't believe the weather but hope that the pubs en route help a little!! Hope that there have been less hills and that you are not aching too much! The donations are coming in - so keep pedling! Big hugs Linda, Ken & Chris x
  • 13/07/09 20:42 via web by Leanne Barlow
  • Hope all is going well guys! Great thing you are doing.. Hope the weather gets better for you. Take care.x.
  • 13/07/09 20:34 by text msg from Billy Bates
  • We got to the campsite about an hour ago. Today was ok less climbing than yesterday so was not so hard. The weather this afternoon was terrible so we were a bit miserable. To cheer ourselves up we have gone to a curry night in the local village.
  • 13/07/09 14:46 via web by natalie sadler
  • Hope the weather is holding up for you guys! hope all is going well xx
  • 13/07/09 13:51 via web by Jenny Lewis
  • Hey, hope that you are all having fun even though it is hard work : ) stay safe - see you soon xxxx
  • 13/07/09 11:55 by text msg from Billy Bates
  • We just made it into deton. We are also tucking into our first cornish pasty! 50 miles left today.
  • 13/07/09 11:34 via web by Joe Rendall
  • Hiya, i am doing work experience with Nick Roper just checking the system. Wishing you the very best of luck!!!!!!
  • 12/07/09 21:56 via web by Claire Bates
  • I hope you all enjoyed the pasta! Good luck to you all taking on such a huge challenge. Safe cycling xxx
  • 12/07/09 20:30 by text msg from Martin Primett
  • Great start guys-well done! Hope bikes and yourselves in good order. Have a good monday on Exmoor. X
  • 12/07/09 19:51 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • descended what could have possibly been the side of a well. With failing breaks, it was dodgy to say the least! Pasta slowly boiling away, shower then pub.
  • 12/07/09 19:43 by text msg from Billy Bates
  • was a tough ride today. The hills were tiresome i never really felt like i was on level ground! We still averaged a good speed and feel fit for more of the same tomorrow. Keep donating it really gets us through it!
  • 12/07/09 19:29 via web by Carol Primett
  • Well done lads, hope the hills lessen tomorrow, only 68 miles - a breeze!! Take care.
  • 12/07/09 19:11 by text msg from James Russell
  • well it was an eye opener today we started off strongly but the hills just kept on coming and we arrived into tintagel at 1800 when the heavens opened. But dinner soon (pasta and sauce) then some well needed sleep.
  • 12/07/09 18:41 via web by Philip Russell
  • Great that you have got going and that the weather is improving! Hope the weather stays summery, stay safe best wishes to you all from Phil and Karen
  • 12/07/09 17:25 via web by JO CROOKS
  • wow its really happening,good luck to you all, stay safe, I'll be watching your progress, stay safe. best wishes Jo and all at Waitrose West Byfleet
  • 12/07/09 15:28 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Glad to hear that the weather is better in Cornwall today - could do with lots of rain in Cardiff though!
  • 12/07/09 13:23 by text msg from Billy Bates
  • just had lunch in truro under the cornish sunshine. A nice change from yesterdays hurricane!
  • 12/07/09 13:02 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Lunch in truro. A fat carvery for £6.95- bargain! Another 45 miles or so, weather so much better today!
  • 12/07/09 09:55 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • msgs added to site. Lads forgot to use trip code in msgs so didn't get updated last night.
  • 12/07/09 00:13 via web by Bridget & Tim Smith
  • 'Good Luck' lads. Safe cycling - hope all goes well & to plan. Looking forward to having you all to stay next week. X
  • 11/07/09 23:29 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • New photos just uploaded
  • 11/07/09 19:59 by text msg from James Russell
  • Well today started ok. Will forgot his helmet and prims bike almost got impounded on the train. Then it started to rain, not drizzle or spit but a torential down pour of which noah would have been surprised to see.
  • 11/07/09 19:56 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Summary: will forgot his helmet, very heavy rain, strong wind, very chilly, need goggles, done what i hope is the steepest climb...and it all starts tomorrow!
  • 11/07/09 19:52 by text msg from Billy Bates
  • Lands end to john o'groats he said, no it will be fun he said, no the weather will be great in july he said. Hes not talking much now!
  • 11/07/09 09:31 via web by Chris Primett
  • Well this is it. A couple of hours until departure- nervous/ excited- cannot wait to start! Just bought the last essentials- bungys and a spare inner tube.
  • 10/07/09 23:27 via web by Rochelle Gianfrancesco
  • Good luck boys, will be thinking of you all. Take care please! xx
  • 10/07/09 09:51 by text msg from Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Final test by text message - all the best guys, have a great adventure!
  • 10/07/09 09:47 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Almost time for the 'off'...

    We want to make sure that this system provides the best possible service for the trip. We'll be adding a feedback/contact form shortly, but in the meantime please email me directly at the following email address if you experience any problems at all and we'll jump on any issues as quickly as possible. Please also send any suggestions that you may have for additional features or improvements - we'd love your feedback!

    Many thanks,
    Nick Roper
  • 10/07/09 00:44 via web by Martin Primett
  • Really proud of you all to take on this adventure in Tom's memory, and for such good causes.Enjoy the epic experience and all the 'ups and downs'! Stay fit and well and keep us all posted! Good luck!x
  • 09/07/09 22:28 via web by Carol Primett
  • Looking forward to reading your updates as you progress, I am sure you will have some great anecdotes to tell in the months to come. Have a fantastic trip, enjoy the adventure. Take care xx
  • 09/07/09 22:22 via web by Coops
  • good luck prim and the rest of you....remember if you need a break/refreshments when your near mine just give me a ring! look out for a sign for warrington, your route goes right past.X
  • 09/07/09 18:24 via web by David Moody
  • Good luck Chris and to your 4 friends as well. This is a fantastic challenge you are doing and is a wonderful tribute to Tom, you should all be very proud and i wish you all the very best x
  • 09/07/09 16:26 via web by Margarita Grigorian
  • Good luck Studs!

    Thinking of you all. xxx
  • 09/07/09 16:12 via web by Chris Primett
  • 2 Days to go! Today was a hectic day- spent an hour using a mallet and a spanner to try and get my old pedal out and replace it with my new ones. Eventually managed that- tried out the new cycling shoes which clip into the pedal (very very nearly fell over) and have attach my rack for the panniers. Very nearly ready and very excited!
  • 08/07/09 11:03 by text msg from Andrew Roper (Tripview)
  • Just to say how I feel about this trip, I think it's an amazing feat that these 5 lad's are undertaking in the memory of Thomas Sewell. I myself was lucky enough to know Tom in my younger years, which I hold to be a great honour still today.

    Tom meant a great deal to me, and I shall certainly be sponsoring the trip, do us proud guys!
  • 08/07/09 08:50 via web by Nick Roper (Tripview)
  • Just a quick message to say how delighted we are to make the tripview system available for this trip, and what a fantastic effort this is by the two Chris's, Billy, Will and James!

    Don't forget to watch their progress on this site - the guys will be sending messages and updating the map by text as they go - and we'll also be launching a 'trip-buddy' facility in the next 24 hours - so that you can add your messages of support to this page by text or web - so watch this space...

    Finally, please help the guys on their way by sponsoring them if you haven't already done so. They are going to be cycling over 1,000 miles - uphill to Scotland - and I'm sure that every pound that you give will help push those pedals round!
  • 05/07/09 22:39 via web by Chris Primett
  • Less than a week to go.

    Training is going well, nearly fully prepared just minor details now!

    Accomodation all sorted. Hoping the weather cools down a little bit for the trip.

    Excitement is growing!
  • 08/06/09 13:39 via web by Chris Primett
  • Nearly 1 month until kick off. Training needs to be increased- as does the sponsorship- if you haven't already, please donate!

    Chris Primett
  • 28/05/09 18:32 by text msg from James Russell
  • just had a photo session with prim for our profile pictures. I think his arm muscles are going cause too much air resistance.
  • 27/05/09 17:05 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • Not many weeks to go. Training taking a back seat due to all the 'revision' im doing. Excitement is building though!
  • 14/05/09 16:49 by text msg from Billy Bates
  • billy testing, this is very cool!
  • 14/05/09 09:11 by text msg from Chris Primett
  • chris is testing the new website and is very impressed!
  • 13/05/09 19:33 by text msg from Linda Sewell
  • this is a message from linda

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